2017 Will Be A Great Awakening For Sleepy Kopin!

Nov 08

2017 Will Be A Great Awakening For Sleepy Kopin!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – “Kopin (KOPN, NASDAQ) has been a serially disappointing stock.”

Now I’ll show you.


KOPN has been stuck within a $1.50 to $5 range for more than a decade (that’s a long time).

However, history is going to change for Kopin during 2017!

Seemingly nothing has happened or is happening for KOPN, but when it does (and it is and will, as I’ll outline below) it’s going to happen all at once and I think the stock will fly past $5 in a matter of weeks or months.

Kopin is going to become a momentum story that investors must own, assuming they want pure-play exposure to one of the fastest growing segments in technology – wearables.  Thanks to Kopin’s miniature displays (which are proven, by the way, as our finest men and women in the Air Force have been using them for years) the world will start looking up again.

“Enterprise customers” look to be the early adopters, as opposed to the consumer market (which is following close behind), of smart glasses or “hands-free industrial head-mounted tablets”, if you will.


After decades of research and hundreds of millions in investment, Kopin has become a one-stop-shop for the entire package – miniature displays (appearing the size of a 7-inch screen), 100% voice recognition (enabling real time video chat), and miniature batteries (with a +10 hour life).

Via a subsidiary called “RealWear” (a marketing arm), which Kopin has an equity stake in, it will start scratching the surface of what could become a massive enterprise customer market in 2017.


A pioneer program is underway and Kopin’s largest customers are Duke Energy, GE, Boeing and Cisco.

Additionally, Google and Vuzix (VUZI, NASDAQ) are using Kopin’s displays for their enterprise applications. During last quarter’s conference call, CEO John Fan said: “There are a couple other enterprise deals we can’t announce yet.”  Clearly, the groundwork is being laid for growth in the enterprise market, and that’s a positive indicator for Kopin.

Again, it’s important to understand that for nearly every hands-free head-mounted tablet sold, Kopin has IP inside (like “Intel Inside“) of it – the display, the voice recognition chip, and the battery.

Softbank, the 62nd largest company in the world, and 3rd largest in Japan, is distributing Kopin’s “Solos” (smart glasses for cyclists and runners) next year. Last month Softbank had a demo where over 1,000 people tried Solos on and the feedback was extremely positive, according to Fan.

If Solos are good enough for the U.S. Olympic team why wouldn’t they be good enough for everyone else?

Kopin’s smart sunglasses, its first wholly-owned branded product, are expected to retail for around $499, and shipping starts this quarter. Time will tell how large the market is at that price point.

Reflecting on his 6 weeks in Asia, Fan (a wearables technology visionary?) said the following…

1) “My meetings have been with the leading global technology companies. Kopin is a highly sought after partner in Asia. We are respected for our technology and vision.”

2) “Voice is key. Touch is not the preferred interface for future technologies.”

3) “I must stress the pace of business progress has now been accelerating. We expect exciting developments in the next 6 to 9 months.”

Bottom Line…

Kopin’s IP, including batteries, microdisplays, and voice recognition, have already been embedded inside numerous wearable technology products (ranging from F-35 fighter helmets to fitness watches) from the likes of Google, Garmin, Vuzix, Tyco, and the U.S. Air Force. The CEO has promised “exciting developments and announcements” to come and at the huge Consumer Electronic Show in January.

In my view, Kopin’s IP portfolio has huge licensing potential, evidenced by its current customer base.  We’re just waiting on volumes to ramp up. Assuming sales and design wins materialize, 2017 will be a breakout year for KOPN.  If they don’t the stock’s downside should be limited thanks to Kopin’s $84 million cash position ($1.28 per share).

Learn more about Kopin’s “Whisper Chip” and why voice is the new touch.

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*Author has a long position in KOPN


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