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Only Legitimate Penny Stocks.

Many people have heard “Penny Stocks” are scams and bad investments, which is true probably 95% of the time. Our job is to identify and then thoroughly research to find the legitimate 5% of penny stocks that are legitimate small businesses. Every large business started out as a small business, therefore investors who “get in early” stand to make large amounts of money (assuming they know about the right stocks, Penny Stock Experts is a reliable source for that information).

Invest pennies to make dollars, not the other way around.

What differentiates PSE?

Thorough research and investigation work — that process includes reading SEC filings, industry reports, interviewing management and employees, talking with their competitors, site visits, etc.

Most websites (the competition) offering information on penny stocks are promoting worthless companies (and scams) along with the idea that you can “get rich quick”. While you can get rich with penny stocks, the objective is to do it slowly and surely while minimizing risk.

We eat our own cooking – that means we only write about stocks we’d invest into ourselves or already own.

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Please review and read our work, for free (right on this website!), dating back to October 2015.

Success stories include:

Claude Resources +500% Gain in 2 Years! Acquired by SSR Mining for $337 Million (Coverage Initiated October 1, 2015)

Richmont Mines +300% Gain in 1 Year! Acquired by Alamos Gold for $770 Million (Coverage Initiated November 8, 2015)

Mitek Systems (MITK) +100% and Still Holding! (Coverage Initiated January 31, 2016)

Harvest Natural Resources (HNR) +64% in 26 Days! (Coverage Initiated September 3, 2016)

BioLife Solutions (BLFS) +300% in 7 Months! (Coverage Initiated March 23, 2017)

Assuming you take some time to check us out we’re confident you’ll find our writing to be thorough, yet easy to read.

After digging through our archives, if you have any concerns or questions regarding what you’ll get in return for your $179 investment call us directly at (407) 772-1135.

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