The Penny Stock Experts specialize in stocks priced under $5 per share / $1B market value.

Why’s that? Simply put, federal regulators frown upon financial advisers and broker dealers that recommend penny stocks (anything below $5) to their clientele.

So what? This means 95% of penny stocks across the world have little to no analyst coverage. No one is telling their story, no stock brokers are selling the idea . Granted, the vast majority don’t have stories worth telling, so it’s our duty to separate trash from treasure. Only informing you about the legitimate penny stocks worth knowing about.


Who’s writing?

When I was 12 I bought my first stock (five shares of HD). Then I started reading and writing about stocks (Buffett, Wanger, Motley Fool…). I’m still doing that today! My favorite recipes include metals, mining, and megatrends. More formally, Mr. Cook was a Bright Future’s Scholar at the University of Central Florida, graduating in 2010 with a major in Finance. Mr.Cook is an investment professional and the Chief Investigator at PennyStockExperts[dot]com

Dan the Stockman