Restoration Robotics (HAIR), The World’s First and Only Robotic Hair Transplant System, From The Founder Of Intuitive Surgical (Now Worth $44 Billion)!

Jan 17

Restoration Robotics (HAIR), The World’s First and Only Robotic Hair Transplant System, From The Founder Of Intuitive Surgical (Now Worth $44 Billion)!

Alright friends, here we’ve got a great ticker symbol and a great name to go along with a revolutionary product.

Almost all you need to know about Restoration Robotics is that its founded by Fred Moll M.D.

HAIR -- fred








(but I’ll share some more info anyways)

Fred Moll also founded Intuitive Surgical (ISRG, NASDAQ), a Company that’s now worth $44 billion! That’s roughly 40-times more valuable that Restoration Robotics / HAIR today.

If you’ve never heard of ISRG, you’ll be wishing you did, like a decade ago, because ISRG ranks among the world’s greatest performing stocks over that time frame.

That thing has gone from single digits to more than $400 per share, making ISRG one of those very rare stocks worth holding onto!

Long story short – Intuitive Surgical was the vessel by which Dr. Moll took his “da Vinci” technology, a non-invasive robotic-assisted surgical system and sailed to the promise land.

Yet, like many other brilliant inventors, Dr. Moll wasn’t content with lounging under palm trees and staring at the ocean day after day. So what began as somewhat of a joke, about a decade and $150 million later, has become reality – the ARTAS robotic system!

HAIR -- artas

ARTAS is the first and only robotic hair transplant system.

More than 100 robots have been sold to date, and each unit costs approximately $250,000.

For Restoration Robotics this is a razor-razorblade business model, so the company sells the system for a relatively low price to generate more sales of consumable products (at a higher margin).

For patients, this is finally a non-invasive option and non-painful option! Until the ARTAS came along, a procedure called “strip surgery” was the norm. And one would desperately have to want a fuller head of hair to go through with that procedure (from what I’ve hear there’s a lot of pain and blood involved).

And I say “heard”, but you can watch the ARTAS procedure to see how it compares to a strip surgery on the *company website.

*Viewer please be advised

HAIR -- dude

We’ll dive deeper into the details in the weeks to come. But for now, suffice to say HAIR represents a massive market opportunity and it’s the only game in town. The ARTAS is already FDA approved for men (women coming soon?) and it’s considered to be the “Gold Standard”.

With any luck we’ll continue to see some downward pressure on the stock – it’s off more than 50% from its post-IPO highs. The float is tightly held, mainly by various private equity firms that have sunk over $150 million into getting Restoration Robotics to where it is today (market cap $125 million).

Bottom line – while it’s not early days for the company, which has been around about a decade, it is very early days for the stock.  I think HAIR will prove to be a super stock to own over the years to come. In my view, this isn’t a story about baldness, it’s a story about thinning hair. And that’s a massive untapped market worldwide.


 *Daniel has a long position in HAIR


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