Expert Network

What is the Expert Network?

Joining The Network of Penny Stock Experts is free, but can only be obtained by submitting an application via a 2-3 page investment thesis on your favorite penny stock (under $5 / under $1 billion market cap). We want quality participating Experts that share a passion for legitimate penny stock opportunities. Applications are first screened by our partners and then brought to our Experts at the end of each month for a vote. Each application requires an 80%+ approval by our membership.

The Penny Stock Experts specialize in separating trash from treasure. The Expert Network is obsessed with discovering 5, 10, and 20-baggers?

There’s just something special about seizing a great opportunity ahead of the crowd, and then selling it to them later– isn’t there?

Submit your idea, get in The Network.


When submitting your idea — think Quality over Quantity

Research and analysis may be related to the following topics, but not limited to (be creative)…

a) Why is this company undervalued? Is the market missing something?

b) Great growth story? How is the company dominating its niche?

c) SWOT Analysis

d) Noteworthy financial metrics

e) Peering into your crystal ball… what do you see 24-36 months from now? How? and Why?


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