Azimut Exploration (AZM, TSX-V): Quebec’s Leading Prospect Generator

Jan 29

Azimut Exploration (AZM, TSX-V): Quebec’s Leading Prospect Generator

Azimut Exploration (AZM, TSX-V)!


Do not bet against this guy!


AZM -- lulin

Jean-Marc Lulin, CEO Azimut Exploration

Having spoken with Jean-Marc Lulin a few times on the phone it was great to finally see him face-to-face while spending some time together in Vancouver. This guy is passionate about his work! No doubt about it. His ideas and properties command respect and capital from some of the industries biggest players, like Goldcorp.


Also important, Lulin is determined to minimize share dilution.


Savvy speculators should appreciate that combination of determination and discipline because when Lulin makes his big discovery (and I believe he will), AZM will really rip.


Stocks, like people, have characters, and AZM has rip your face off rallies in its character! Azimut Exploration hit nearly $10 per share during the last Uranium boom when Lulin and Co. discovered a new Uranium district in the Ungava Bay region (eastern Nunavik).


BIG-BIG moves are in this stock’s DNA.


AZM -- 5yr


I’m betting it’s only a matter of time before another 10 or 20-fold gain is bestowed on shareholders of AZM.


Of note for 2018, Azimut Exploration and its partners (Goldcorp and Eastmain) will be drilling another 3,600 m quite soon, following up on impressive intersections and grab samples that included 1,500 g/t Gold from last year at Eleonore South.


Not unlike at Goldcorp’s $2 billion Eleonore mine, Lulin says at Eleonore South they’ve got “Gold in pegmatites”.


If Eleonore South doesn’t move the needle this year, Azimut Exploration’s Eastmain West Project could (success at both is certainly a possibility, too!). This property displays a well-identified target zone for massive chromite mineralization related to a 4 kilometre long ultramafic intrusion. Channel thus far has yielded 17.2% Cr2O3 over 7.54 m including 33.2% Cr2O3 over 3.55 m.


We could be looking at another Ring of Fire here with Eastmain West, with the benefits of being closer to infrastructure. Breaking away from its prospect generator model, slightly and wisely, Lulin and Azimut Exploration have plans to drill a few targets themselves this year.


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*Daniel has a long position in SRL


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